Hospice Care
Plano Texas

Hospice & Palliative Care in Plano Texas

Providing hospice care and palliative care in Plano Texas, Star City Hospice is dedicated to bringing exceptional caring services to our patients. Our care services range from in-home hospice services to patient visits in nursing homes to make sure no matter what chapter of their health journey a patient is in they can continue to receive the best healthcare services necessary.

Our team works with nursing home staff, inpatient physician teams, and medical workers in a variety of locations so whether your loved one is living in a long-term care facility or receiving care after being admitted into a hospital we can adapt and provide the health services they require. Our goal is to provide the best version of support for each patient and their families during their time in hospice care. With each patient our team is able to provide the appropriate care services even when the needs and the health of the patient changes. While our team of trained healthcare providers will always provide care updates to the family of our patients and provide regular assessments for what the patient needs may be, we always give the family the opportunity to decide what type of care options are required and if they should be altered when conditions change.

Benefits for Patients & Caregivers

Personalized, Patient-Focused Hospice Services

Our care services vary widely depending on the medical care required by our patients and because we are local hospice care providers our team can quickly make adjustments to the types of care being provided. These care services include general hospice care, palliative care, respite care, end of life care, in-home hospice care, general inpatient care, short-term continuous care, bereavement services, and more.

As a local hospice care provider proudly serving our community in Plano Texas our team is committed to provide patient focused health services through our hospice care programs to help alleviate stress on the family and patients, manage pain, and help increase overall quality of life.

At Star City Hospice our team and services are designed to put the patient’s needs first, focusing on bringing excellent quality hospice care to our communities. For more information on our hospice care programs and how our team can help your loved ones through this chapter of their health journey please contact Star City Hospice today. Our care providers in Plano are ready to work with your family to make sure your loved one is receiving the care support they need.

The Team That Cares
Patient-Centered, Family-Focused Compassionate Care

Making Hospice Better

Star City Hospice specializes in patient focused healthcare services to work alongside the patient’s family in order to give them the best hospice care possible. We understand the importance of these health services and provide our employees with the resources and time necessary to make sure each patient has the proper amount of care. We have created a system to ensure our team’s caseload is consistently manageable to make sure there are no gaps in the care we provide. 

Our patient-to-staff ratio is designed specifically to allow for increased frequency of visits and visitation time so that every family and patient is receiving excellent care. Across all of our services our teams provide support physically, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the entirety of our time serving a patient. Our team of trained care providers include: 

Providing Thoughtful Hospice Home Care in Dallas, Texas


Social Services Professionals

Social Services



Spiritual Counseling Professionals

Spiritual Counseling

Home Health Aides

Professional Home Health Aides

Dietary Consulting Professionals

Dietary Consulting

Committed to Care

The size of our team means that we are able to ensure patients who require home visits are able to receive them regularly, even as far as offering continuous care for times when family members temporarily cannot provide care or during times when symptoms aren’t as manageable. No matter where our patients call home we make it a goal to help them remain there so they are most comfortable.

In hospice care situations where the health of a patient may change we will quickly adapt and can provide similar or alternative services.

This means in situations where a patient is temporarily moved to a healthcare facility our team can continue to provide patient care to help them manage symptoms and get back to their home. In situations where the health of a patient has declined over time we are able to adapt and add additional home visits; this type of care can be in cooperation with the patient’s physician, family, and any other healthcare services they may be receiving.

24/7 Support
General Inpatient Care

If the circumstances call for it we can provide 24/7 continuous care to ensure that a professional is able to be with your loved one for immediate or emergency support. Our team has a dedicated group for after-hours care that can provide 24/7 assistance and care depending on the needs of the patient and when 24/7 care is not necessary we have Nurse Managers on staff that is available by phone to provide helpful information and direct family members to the right resources during an emergency 24-hours a day. Star City Hospice is invested in providing excellent level care to make your loved ones feel at peace in their home, wherever that may be at the time.

Hospice Care Services

Services that fall under hospice can cover many different situations and can be a great resource for patients and their families. Star City Hospice offers a variety of services from our caring, attentive nursing staff to our long-term bereavement support. During times of medical uncertainty we understand that reaching out for help can be difficult for family members of patients and to simplify this we offer services that can be useful throughout all stages of your loved one’s health journey.

Emotional and Spiritual Support

Respite Care

Star City Hospice offers short-term Respite Care in situations where the family and caregivers need to temporarily step away from providing care. Respite care is utilized when family members need space away from providing care to attend an event, travel out of town, or simply have some time to rest and recharge. In these situations patients receive full-time care for the duration the family is away and they are supported fully and in excellent hands.

Improved Quality of Life

Palliative Care

Palliative Care is offered in cases where patients need long-form care. This type of care can be utilized for years and is meant to help patients with any daily needs, creating a better quality of life, and helping with overall comfort.

Pain Management

Continuous Care

We offer Continuous Care during times when symptoms are more difficult to manage. This service is a temporary service that helps when family members are overwhelmed and gives the patients access to immediate care in case of a potential health setback. 

Less Time in the Hospital

Bereavement Service

Our Bereavement Service is for family members who have lost a loved one. During times of loss we need as much support as possible, so we offer up to 13 months of support in the form of providing resources, phone support, supportive mailings, and in-person support. We will respect your personal boundaries while aiming to help you during the bereavement process.

We Are Local

Community Collaboration

We have built strong relationships with the local medical community to ensure your loved one is well cared for, whether they’re in their own house or at one of the facilities we partner with.

Contact Star City Hospice

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