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Providing Thoughtful Hospice Home Care in Dallas, Texas

Providing Thoughtful Hospice Home Care in Dallas, Texas

Star City Hospice is dedicated to making your loved one as comfortable as possible at the end of their life. We offer a variety of home care services to support the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the patient, including hospice care and comfort care services. Our team of medical professionals can help ease physical discomfort from illness or medication, and our social workers, spiritual counselors, and volunteers are available to provide supportive palliative care. We make all decisions based on your loved one’s unique needs and preferences. Contact us to learn more about end-of-life care in Dallas TX.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care, also called comfort care, includes services that focus on keeping patients comfortable by managing pain and other symptoms or side effects of illness and medication. It takes a holistic approach to comfort by also addressing emotional, social, and spiritual needs. While palliative care can be provided with or without the addition of curative treatment, the purpose of palliative care is to improve the patient’s quality of life rather than try to cure them.

When curative treatment is no longer an option or a preference, patients may move into hospice care. This type of care is typically meant for people in their last six months of life. Patients may include people living with end-stage cancer or patients in the ending stage of other terminal illnesses, for example. Through hospice care, patients can receive palliative care services from the comfort of their own homes. Hospice includes medications, equipment like a hospital bed or wheelchair, healthcare supplies, and visits from the hospice care team. We provide quality care services to ensure your loved one is as comfortable as possible and is treated with dignity and respect at the end of life.

What is Palliative Care?
Our Hospice and Palliative Care Services

Our Hospice and Palliative Care Services

At Star City Hospice, we offer patient-centered care that puts the comfort and wishes of the patient first. The end of life care that we provide is customized to your loved one’s unique needs and preferences to improve their quality of life. Depending on the patient’s medical needs, we can provide care at home for up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure they get the support and personalized care they deserve. We also have a 24-hour call line and on-call staff that the patient and their family can use for additional support day or night.

Our hospice care includes access to physicians, nursing care, home health aides, dietary counseling, spiritual counseling, and social services for a holistic approach to care. Care plans are customized to the patient’s specific needs and can be adjusted as needs change.

Physical Support

Our medical team is made up of professional care providers who can help manage your loved one’s physical pain and discomfort and other medical needs to improve their quality of life. Care services may include administering medication, dressing wounds, monitoring the condition, and more. Our professionals work hard to avoid the emergency room and keep patients in their homes.

Emotional and Social Support

The palliative care team at Star City Hospice includes social workers who help the patient and their family understand how hospice works and what resources are available. They also advocate on behalf of the patient and the family. Additionally, team includes volunteers who offer emotional support services and spend time with the patient so they have someone to talk to.

Spiritual Support

Our chaplain and spiritual counselors offer spiritual support to help patients feel at peace.

End of Life Home Care Services from Star City Hospice

Everyone has different needs and requires different levels of care. At Star City Hospice in Dallas, we offer a variety of palliative care options and hospice services so you can choose what works best for your family and the patient.

Routine home care is a popular hospice option where a member of our team provides medical and palliative care at the patient’s house for up to seven days per week. Visits can occur as needed or be scheduled ahead of time. We also offer a 24-hour call line and on-call staff, so someone is always available to support you even when we have left the house.

Continuous care includes medical and palliative care provided up to 24 hours per day and is a helpful option when routine visits are not enough. Our staff will be in the patient’s house continuously providing care to monitor the patient’s condition and take action as needed. We’ll also stay in contact with the patient’s physicians and case managers, so everyone is informed on the patient’s status.

General inpatient care allows patients to temporarily stay in a nursing facility when their symptoms cannot be properly managed in their homes. Our goal is always to stabilize the patient’s condition so they can return to the comfort of their house as soon as possible.

Respite care is a service we offer to give family members and caregivers a break from daily caregiving so they can rest, attend events, or simply take some time to themselves.

We’re happy to discuss your loved one’s medical and palliative needs and help determine which of our hospice services are right for your family.

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As a locally owned and operated organization, Star City Hospice is proud to support the great people in our Dallas, Texas community and the surrounding areas. To perform our services to the best of our ability, we ensure our staff has the time and resources they need to provide personalized care to each patient. We strive to improve the lives of patients living with serious illnesses as well as their family members. Each member of our staff is trained and experienced in providing top-notch care. To learn more about our senior home care options and end of life services, including hospice and palliative care, contact us today.

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