How Star City Hospice Makes A Difference

Committed to Care

Care That Sets Us Apart

Choosing a team to help care for your loved ones is no small thing, so we’re deeply honored with your trust in choosing Star City Hospice to assist in caring for those you cherish and love most. We offer care that is both professional and highly personal. We are committed to giving the people receiving our care and the family that loves and supports them the highest care possible, with compassion and empathy leading us through every step. 

We always want to go above and beyond for patients and their families at Star City Hospice. No matter the request, we find a way to fulfill it. We always strive to find a way to say “yes.” We truly see ourselves as your team. We’re here to work with and support you, and we believe in letting our clients and their families take the lead regarding their care. We trust that our patients know what they need, and it’s our job to make it happen and to bring as much comfort and ease to all involved as possible. Our hospice team includes a Physician, Nurse, Social Workers, Hospice Aid, Case Managers, a Chaplain, and our fantastic group of volunteers. Our team is incredibly skilled at helping others by providing assistance and aid in difficult times. If you have any questions, we are always happy to answer them or lend a listening ear.

Star City Hospice

We pride ourselves on offering the best service with the highest quality care that everyone deserves to receive. Our team of qualified individuals is compassionate and has a service mindset. We come ready to deliver truly individualized physical, emotional, spiritual, and everyday care when it matters most.

The Team That Cares

Our Team Truly Cares

Our team is what truly makes us shine. We have a fantastic group of highly trained people who are incredibly passionate about their work. We know how important our work is and the impact it makes in the lives of others. We take great pride in giving the best care possible. We have physicians, nurses, counselors, social workers, aides, and volunteers here to provide medical care and support to each patient, family member, and loved one.

A Deeply Dedicated Hospice Team

We pride ourselves on having a meager patient-to-staff ratio. This allows us to give your loved one close attention and dedicated service. It’s always our goal to keep patients as comfortable and at ease as possible and to avoid rehospitalization or unnecessary ER visits. Our empathetic volunteers are so passionate and, in partnership with our staff of trained nurses and physicians, offer a high level of comfort and companionship to our patients. We visit often and focus on what you and your family need. We are adaptable and know every day is different, so we quickly respond to the day’s needs.

Here For Our Dallas Community

We take pride in our Texas roots and are happy to serve our Dallas community. We have several local locations scattered throughout Texas. Our vast network of talented individuals means we can quickly respond to your loved one’s needs. We are happy to meet the patient wherever home is and strive to keep them as comfortable and cared for as possible, whether they require palliative care, continuous care, or one of our other hospice care services.

Community Collaboration

Our historic connections within the healthcare and medical community in the Dallas region and all over Texas fill us with so much pride. We are proud to provide our hospice patients the top-notch end-of-life care they deserve, and we acknowledge we can do so as a direct outcome of our strong partnerships and collaborative efforts within our community. Our unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of our patients and their families sets us apart. We truly dedicate the time and effort to create clear lines of communication with everyone involved, from staff to patients and anyone else on your family’s team of healthcare professionals.

There For You When You Need Us Most

Suppose a situation arises where our hospice patients experience a downturn in their condition and need extra care. In that case, we can provide 24/7 care via our home visits, and we are equipped to deliver around-the-clock supervision if required. Thanks to our manageable caseload and fully staffed team, we can ensure reliable and tenderhearted support for both patients and their families when you need it most. You can count on us to be by their side when you need us most. 

After Hours Support Team

If you need us, call us anytime. Our after-hours on-call team is there for our patients and families 24/7. We also have a 24-hour call line. Our seasoned Nurse Manager and a dedicated field team are here to ensure constant patient and family support. We make ourselves available to you and our patients around the clock. Rest assured, our presence is unwavering whenever you need it, day or night. During hard times, we know it is a relief to know someone can be there instantly, and we are happy to support our patients and their families. They become a part of our family, too.

We Are Local

Serving Our Local Communities

We proudly support the Dallas community with the best hospice care available. We are passionate about giving the residents of the Dallas area the quality care they deserve. 

We have caring locations in:

The communities we serve include:
Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Irving, Plano, Rockwall, Lewisville and McKinney.

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