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The Best Respite Care Services in Dallas

When your loved one or family member living in the Dallas area can no longer care for themselves, whether it is because of disabilities or other sickness that impacts health, you want to make sure they get the care they deserve. Being a primary caregiver to a friend or family member can be stressful and time-consuming, with little to no breaks for yourself. When you are giving care at home, you aren’t able to tend to your other responsibilities as much. If you are providing constant care, it will benefit your health and wellness to look to respite care services. Our Dallas TX based team can help you take much-deserved time to yourself while having peace-of-mind that your family member is getting the best care possible.

The Best Respite Care Services in Dallas

Respite care is temporary care provided for a patient living at home that has a caregiver. There are a variety of respite services, including in-home care as well as care performed away from the patient’s home, such as at a daycare facility or a Medicare-approved facility like a nursing home, hospital, or hospice inpatient facility. The goal of respite care is to give time off and rest to the loved one or caring family member that is providing home care. Respite care services provide numerous benefits for the patient as well, including the ability to interact with someone new.

Our Dallas TX Care Team

Workers at the Dallas care facility provide patients with a wide range of Dallas respite care services. These may include tasks such as helping the patient bathe, helping them get dressed, serving food, giving medicine, assisting with the patient’s mobility, and more. Your hospice team will also continue to make visits and collaborate with the nursing facility for your loved one.

Respite Care Options For Your Loved One

Residential care facilities: these Dallas facilities include nursing homes, hospitals, and inpatient hospice facilities. They allow patients to stay overnight so the patient’s normal caregivers that provide valuable home care can have an extended break and recharge themselves. Things like weddings, graduations, or other family events can come up and respite care is the perfect way to attend these events while still leaving your loved one in caring hands. When you need a break, our services are here to help.
Respite Care Options For Your Loved One

The Medicare Hospice Benefit

The Medicare Hospice Benefits guide helps clarify details about Medicare hospice benefits, including who is eligible for hospice care, what services are included, and more. These resources are valuable when it comes time for respite care.

When it comes to respite care, Medicare Hospice Benefits says that patients can receive inpatient care in a Medicare-approved facility, which often includes hospitals, nursing homes, and inpatient hospice facilities. A patient is permitted to stay at the facility for up to five days at a time, each time they get respite care. Patients can get care more than once, but this must be done on an occasional basis. The patient’s hospice provider can arrange the stay on behalf of the patient.

Care Services That Help

If Star City Hospice provides your loved one’s professional hospice care, our team would be happy to help locate facilities in the Dallas, Texas community so you can take some time off without sacrificing your loved one’s care. If you’re looking for hospice care in the Dallas area, please use us and our resources to get help with things like pricing details, program info, and any other question related to respite care or hospice care services.
Care Services That Help
Benefits for Patients & Caregivers

Benefits for Patients & Caregivers

Respite care can provide many benefits for both the patient as well as the caregiver, which oftentimes is a family member or loved one. A feeling of isolation can set in for both patients and caregivers, and respite care can provide much-needed relief from that feeling. For the patient, a change of scenery, a new person to talk to, and new activities are all beneficial. For the caregiver, it gives them time to themselves to rest and recharge, and come back being able to provide the best care possible.

Home & Respite Care

Providing home care is best done when coupled with respite care. For a caregiver, feelings of exhaustion and stress are common when giving care to a loved one that is struggling with their health. With respite care, you can take time off and have complete assurance that your loved one is still getting the care they need. You only trust care to the best people, and respite care provides that comfort. With physical, mental, and emotional health all in a good spot, you can return to care when you are ready.

Finding the Right Respite Care

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a care facility for family members or loved one in need. When is it time to find care? What should I look for in a care facility? How should I spend my time when they are receiving care? All these questions and more are things to consider when trying to find the best respite care services.

Identify the Need

Realizing you need a break is the first step towards respite care. While home care is an amazing, wonderful thing to give your family member, it can lead to you, the caregiver, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Not only do you have to provide care, but you also have your own life. Having a short temper, being impatient, or making mistakes you wouldn’t normally make are some of the most common signs that it’s time for a break. Care services can help to mitigate these problems and help keep you sharp and without burn out. Being physically and mentally healthy is the biggest key to providing excellent care, and respite services offer a chance to step back and rest.

Spending Time Away From Home Care

The length of time that your loved one is in respite care will have an impact on what you do with your time, but there are some essential things you can do to recharge yourself, no matter how much time you have to yourself. Even though it may seem unproductive, simply resting can have many benefits for your mind and body. Slowing down, simplifying things and resting your mind will help your mental and physical health and get you ready to give care again. You can also catch up with friends, attend important events, read a book, or take naps. Whatever is best for you, that’s what you should do. There is no one answer. This is also a great time to participate in your favorite hobbies, get exercise, or join a care support group.

Choosing a Facility in Texas

The number one thing you care about when choosing a facility is making sure they provide the highest level of respite services possible. In tandem with your care, respite care provides much-needed support for the caregiver. When you are considering care facilities, make sure to ask these questions:

  • What tasks will the team perform when caring for patients?
  • What kind of training has your care team received? Are they licensed?
  • How many miles from home is the care facility? Is transportation available?

The answers to these questions go a long way in helping you choose which care facility is best. Feeling comfortable in your decision is important and is one of the biggest factors in helping you feel completely at ease. Our team is happy to assist every family find programs, resources, and facilities in the Dallas community.

We Are Local

We Are Local

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